Electrical Installations (Electromechanical)
Operation and maintenance of the Electrical Equipment in accordance with the Manufacturer’s Instruction Manual
Trouble shoot any problem happening on HT & LT and should do the preventive maintenance of Panel and Motors
Check of all safety Controls and Electric Switch Gears – Condition of Contactor fingers, oiling of Pivots, tightening of connections to prevent sparking etc.
Regular Cleaning of Motors – Inspect Terminals & Clean, Check correctness of Readings
Check for any irregularity in the Electrical Panel.
Check Voltage, Current, Frequency in each HT & LT Panel.
Check Voltage, Current, Frequency, PF, KVA & KVAR, KW & KWH of each HT Panel
Check windings, oil temperatures of all Transformers
Frequent Checks of all Mobs – replacement of faulty ones
Check all the Cables, Bus Bars, Nut ‐ Bolts, Insulation etc. for the Panels
Replacement of faulty lights and fixtures.
Replacement of any equipment / Switch gear due to normal wear and tear.
Renovation of wiring or any control circuit.
Carry out PM as per the annual PM Chart, which would be created by our Engineer Operation.

  Maintenance of Air‐Conditioning
Operation and maintenance of the Split ACs and Window ACs in accordance with the Manufacturer’s Instruction Manual and in coordination with the company as per the requirement.
Routine Checks of Blowers, Blower Motors, adjustment of Belt Tension and replacement of belt as required.
Check all electrical controls, leaks, electrical circuits, and renovation of any electrical / control circuits as required.
Check Oil Level of Compressor Crank Case
Check and Lubricate all Bearings
Chemical dosing of the system.
Check all Headers, Nozzles, Compressors, Cooling Coils, refrigerant Piping, accessories, Filters, Controls, Starters, Ducts, Grills, Insulations, Wiring
Cleaning of AHU filter on every week ends or in night hours on staggered Basis.
Cleaning of AHU filters on weekly basis.
Observe Noise Levels and take corrective action in case of irregularity
Check all Pipes, Valves, Joints, Strainers, Handles etc. and repair in case of spoilage (Cost of replacements will be borne by the Company)
Maintain all parameters of the Units and Log the same.
Perform complete Health Check‐up of AC Systems in Winters and keep them in healthy conditions for Summers.

  Maintenance of DG Set
Operation and maintenance of the D.G. Sets in accordance with the Manufacturer’s Instruction Manual.
Run D.G. sets in synchronization as well in auto mode and independent.
Maintain logbook and any abnormality to be brought in to notice.
Refill the Day oil tank with requisite amount of HSD daily at the time of start up of Shift.
Maintain HSD dip register and check the dip in Main HSD tank daily.
Maintain the HSD stock at Min reorder Qty
Maintain the Excise register for daily consumption of HSD and follow up with Purchase Function of client for replenishment
Check Electrical circuits and all the Panels on a daily basis
Perform B‐Check, (after 250 – 300 Hrs of operation) as and specified required at extra cost
Battery specific Gravity to be checked and logged weekly and any abnormality to be brought in notice of client as well maintain the specific gravity at specific level.
Ensure no lube oil leak and HSD leakages from the DG set and day oil tanks, as well no spillages while refilling the day oil tanks, clean DG sets on daily basis.
Report any irregularity to the concerned in the Admin function of Client
Report Units generated by each DG Set every day and also the Per Unit Cost of each DG Set.

  Building : Plumbing Services
Plumbing Services provided under the General Maintenance Service would be limited to repair to damaged or worn‐out existing items, with similar new / available items of similar / improved quality. Any addition / extension to an existing system orinstallation of a new item / system will be termed as a project and will be charged separately. Materials will be supplied by the client, or will be charged at cost.
Cost of Spares / Consumables
Cost of major Repairs – Over ‐ hauling of DG Sets.
AMC Cost for Equipment
Note : As all Electro – Mechanical equipment would be under warranty; SHABARI would carry out the required Warranty Management for the same.